About Us

Our grandma Kate who was from the village of Velog Grablje, was passing a street
in the old part of Hvar over hundred years ago when she heard from a nearby inn
someone calling the name Alviž (Venetian version of the name Aloysius), she then
decided, as she was expecting a baby that if it was to be a boy – Alviz would be
his name. That is how our grandfather was named – Alviž; many years later he
bought a house that is now well known as ‘Bistro Alviž’! In 1989 his grandson,
Vjekoslav Alviž, initially opened as a creperie, that at the time was a real hit
with the younger generations. As the creperie became more popular the menu began
to grow, primarily with pizzas! Vjeko learned the art of making good pizzas
whilst working as a student during the summer months for the now old ‘Pizzeria
Miko’, one of the first pizza places in the whole of Dalmatia, it had a secret
of making good pizzas that Vjeko then learnt; and even today our pizzas are
consdidered by many to be the best in town!

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